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What You Need to Know

Prop 126 would block sensible tax reform, protect special interests, lead to reduced revenue for education and public safety, and could lead to higher sales and property taxes.

Its supporters claim that banning any tax on services would protect Arizona taxpayers, when in fact it would simply rig the economy, distort the market by picking winners and losers, and lead to higher costs for Arizonans.

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What is Prop 126?

September 2018

Proposition 126, if enacted, would jeopardize funding for education, healthcare and other state priorities…it would prevent Arizona from changing its sales tax law to adjust to our changing economy in which people are increasingly spending more of their income on services than goods.

Arizona Center for Economic Progress / Read More


Equal Opportunity Damage

Prop 126 would have such a broad, negative impact that the groups opposing it span the entire width of the political spectrum. Democrats, Republicans, and ALL Arizonans have good cause to oppose Prop 126.


September 2018

This proposal would exempt certain kinds of businesses in the service industry from paying taxes. That means that other kinds of business will have to pay more taxes to compensate for this special treatment. This is a system that rewards lobbyists and the politically well-connected at the expense of you and me.

Andrew Clark, State Director, Americans for Prosperity



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